Vertical Steam Iron CLATRONIC


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Now ironing will not be a difficult or expensive task, since you only have to hang your garment on the hanger, and direct the steam jet towards the clothes, this will save time compared to traditional ironing, thanks to its steam removes wrinkles, lint and folds of the fabric.

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Removes wrinkles and lint

Smooth and effective method to remove wrinkles from clothes Saves time compared to traditional irons

Suitable for delicate items Large items can be hung as curtains, etc.

Fast warm, ready for use in about 50 seconds

Removable tank with capacity of 1.2 liters

Use of up to 40 minutes with the tank full Telescopic (1.35 m) to fit the height of the body

Constant steam output: about 30 g / min.

Vertical steam Anti-drip system Easy to transport


clothes hanger


On-/Off- lit

Overheat protection

Fire protection

Cable length approx. 1.80 m

Power: 1500 W