Marble Stone Coated Frying Pan's


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Marble Stone Coated RED Frying Pan's Set of 3

Works with induction


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Frying pan´s with marble coating are for sure a new concept in terms of pans that will mark a before and after in this cooking utensils market.

Thanks to the innovation of the marble coating we can cook any type of dish.

The frying pan´s with marble coating can be used both in kitchens that work with gas, as well as in those that work electrically, glass-ceramic and induction.

They are extremely durable because they do not react with food, resist scratches that may suffer during preparation, do not stain or retain odors. That's why they give us that security when cooking.


• Supports high temperatures.

• Easy cleaning with a cloth.

• Does not mix the flavors.

• Power the taste of food.

• Distributes heat evenly.

• Valid for all types of kitchens, including induction.

• Free of PTFE and PFOA.

• Glass caps with steam expulsion valve.

• Solid aluminum body.


20 cm frying pan

24 cm frying pan + glass lid

28 cm frying pan + glass lid