Food dryer DR 2751


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Drying is a very old way to preserve food; By eliminating water, the bacteria responsible for decomposition can not develop, which is why dehydrated foods are preserved for a long time.

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The powerful Clatronic dryerr dehydrates fruit, vegetables and other foods. In this way you get ingredients for cooking and tasty snacks. Dehydrated fruit, apple and banana chips, dried tomatoes or dried meat.

Why buy a Dryer:

You can use them in different ways: in salads, cakes, special recipes or to consume directly.

It eliminates much of the weight of food, making it ideal for mountaineers, camping, etc.

They do not need refrigeration.

Your dehydrated foods are preserved for a large amount of time.

No preservatives are necessary and their nutritive power is the same, they have only lost water.

Very easy to use, you just need to cut the fruit or vegetable, make the dehydrated, and save.

Have you tasted the dehydrated fruit or vegetables? Its flavor is intense, delicious.


Dehydrator food to dehydrate fruit, vegetables, meat, etc.

5 trays stacked for dehydration of food.

Air recirculation system.

Uniform distribution of heat through all the trays.

Protection against overheating.

Switch ON / OFF.

Voltage 230 V 50 Hz.

Power 250 W

Approximate measurements 285x160x315