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Celliant Therapy Kit

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6-piece Therapeutic Kit for Pain Treatment CELLIANT

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The 6-piece Therapeutic Kit for CELLIANT Pain Treatment consists of: face mask, cervical collar, vest, mitten, shoe and multi-purpose applicator (shoulder pad, knee brace, knee brace, ankle brace). These applicators have been made with a special fabric made from natural minerals with photoenergetic characteristics which has been called CELLIANT. This special fiber acts as a catalyst for our own body energy, sunlight and infrared waves, thus achieving an increase in our energy and greater oxygenation in the body.

The CELLIANT fiber is a textile fiber called "reactive", able therefore to react and interact with the environment. This fiber has been developed by introducing in its interior minerals that are photocatalysts, so its main property is to absorb both body light and environmental light.

CELLIANT fibers therefore act as a catalyst, and react optically absorbing light from the surface and redirecting this energy, previously wasted, to the body to be absorbed.


Increase in blood oxygen levels.
Improved blood circulation.
Corporal temperature regulation.
Improvement of the quality of rest and body rigidity.
Reduction of pain and body fatigue.


STRECHT interior fabric 275 gr / m2
Fiber fabric CELLIANT 320 gr / m2
Interior technical copper fabric
Silicone hollow fiber 200 gr / m2
Gray closing trim
1 Magnetotherapy machine connector

The accessories of the 6-piece Therapeutic Kit for CELLIANT Pain Treatment, consisting of: face mask, cervical collar, vest, mitten, shoe and multi-purpose applicator, have a connection for a Magnetotherapy machine. They are independent therapeutic accessories, directly applicable to the body, so they do not require any type of machine for their use. However, the use of any of these accessories connected to a Magnetotherapy machine, would be focused on increasing its therapeutic properties.