Massage pressotherapy for feet with Shiatsu


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Benefits of foot massage

Foot massages provide beneficial effects for body and mind and by relieving stress and bringing relaxation and lost vitality back.

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Why foot massage?

The foot massage has been practiced for hundreds of years as a natural way to relieve the pressure and pain in them. Foot care is an important regular routine, not only to reduce the possibility of problems that might limit mobility, but also because feet are connected by energy channels to every organ in the body. Reflexology techniques (massage of energy points of the foot) are based on this notion, so when our feet are tired, also the mind and body are.

Reflex points

Feet have the peculiarity of being very resistant and sensitive as well as delicate

At the same time, in the sole of the foot there are numerous nerve endings, and foot massage has been proved to provide a nice feeling of relaxation and general well-being.

Massage relaxes, tones muscles and stimulates the dermis glands to produce hormones, including serotonin, which calms our mind and emotions.

Techniques of the foot massager:

Reflexology massage: Stimulating the foot sole, where energy points related to all parts of the body are represented, being able to treat both physical and emotional disorders.

Shiatsu massage: This massage applied to feet improves circulation while providing an excellent relaxation.

Pressotherapy Massage: Pressotherapy is a pneumatic massage treatment by means of controlled air pressure that activates the venous and lymphatic circulation, reducing swelling, muscle tension, stress and pain.

Thermotherapy: Therapy with the application of a heat source helps reduce pain, and increases the feeling of relaxation by improving blood circulation.

Feet are the base of support of the body and also the reflect of our life style. Our feet speak for themselves.


  • 3 different Pressotherapy intensities.
  • 3 modes of massage
  • It includes heat function.


  • Power: 45 W.
  • Voltage: 100.-240 v. 50.-60 hz.
  • Box: 45 x 36 x 23 cm.
  • Gross weight: 4.7 Kg