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Ozone Tap Water Purifier Vida 10
The ozone generator for tap is a device with which you can obtain ozonated water instantly, in an easy way.
Disinfects food in a very simple way. Just rinse them under ozonated water to eliminate any type of bacteria.
Improves the taste, aroma and appearance of food.

You can find it at Amaco Regalos

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Water Ozonizer for the tap.

It is a device which gets ozonized water, instantly and easily.

It sanitizes food in a very simple way. Just rinse food under ozonized water to remove any type of bacteria.


It sterilizes more than 90% of bacteria and viruses.

No need for plugs.

Easy installation and use.


Production of O3: Max. 70 mg / h.

Energy generator: Three-phase alternator by water power.

Output power: 3 W.

Tap water pressure: 0.13 Mpa ~ 0.45 Mpa.

O3 consistency in water: 0.1 ppm ~ 0.3 ppm.

Material: ABS

Humidity Range: 25% RH ~ 68% RH.

Temperature range: 10 ºC - 40 ºC