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Reflexology Vibrating Platform ECO-510


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Specially designed Platform for a perfect indoor work out and to achieve your fitness objectives in half the time than with any other fitness device.
Exercise, relax and relieve tension. In addition to activating the circulatory system and decreasing the cellulite of your legs, you have a reflexology massage for your feet. And for more comfort you can control everything from your command

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The vibrating platform with reflexology is designed for the care of your health. The platform is for indoor use and has the most advanced technology for the treatment of various ailments both preventive and rehabilitation of injuries and. You can also use it for your relaxation after a hard day of work.

The platform has various functions; You can enjoy an excellent reflexology massage with high vibration. You will notice that the exhaustion and pain of your feet disappears, and you may notice how its soft vibration increases the blood flow of many muscles of the feet and the inside of the legs. You will notice an activation of the accumulated lactic acid and allowing the muscles to relax, vibrating and relaxing all the ligaments.

You can increase or decrease the intensity of it when you want thanks to its control command.


. Relax: Through the application of waves, the platform will help the recovery of injuries, as well as to regenerate damaged cells, among other beneficial properties.

. Vibration: Using the "Vibration" mode, you activate the reflexology function.

The platform is designed with a template of strategically placed nodes, which correspond to acupuncture points and acupressure regions of the sole of the foot or hands.

In this way, and by activating said reflex points of the organism, it will reduce specific pains of our body acting through said reflective zones.

. Therapeutic heat: With the vibrating platform you can also enjoy the benefits of applying localized heat on certain parts of the body. For this purpose, it has a specific mode that also works with both the Vibration function and the Relax function.


130 * 50 * 45cm / 14kgrs