Oscillating and Vibration P BODY PLATE ECO-512 Platform


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The ECO-DE® oscillating vibrating platform will help you find your best physical shape through passive gymnastics. Its wide surface, with 3 different intensities of vibration, and 80 levels of speed, is indicated for almost all the public and exercises all the main muscle groups.

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With it you can experience the benefits of training on the platform in the most comfortable and simple way ..
Do not wait any longer and try the oscillating vibrating platform ECO-DE®The vibrations cause the muscles of your body to contract involuntarily.The response of your body to the vibratory stimulus produces numerous benefits for your health.The oscillating vibrating platform "Body Plate "ECO-DE® has a great number of benefits for your health.

• Improves blood and lymphatic circulation.

• Oxygenates tissues and eliminates toxins.

• Reduces the level of body fat and tones the body.

• Eliminates cellulite / Increases bone mineral density.

• Relaxing massage effect.

• Increases muscle strength and flexibility.

• Develops physical power • Conditions the body before sports activity.

• Recover quickly from muscle fatigue.

• Prevents and rehabilitates injuries.

• Improves the balance

VOLTAGE: 220-240v, 50Hz / 60Hz



Measures: 65x13x35 cm