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Ozone Generator Vida 10 One

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It allows to install it in rooms, offices, waiting rooms, etc.
Purifies the interior air in depth.
Eliminates bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores, etc.
Eliminates odors, indoor pollution, tobacco smoke …
Act in the prevention of infectious foci.
Does not need any maintenance, such as filters or other disposable items

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Ozone Generator Vida 10 One is the most advanced in digital technology, high efficiency, environmental protection, safety and economy. Not only will it improve the quality of the air we breathe but it will also provide a healthier and fresher environment.

It represents a new generation of high technology product, non-polluting, and that takes special care of the quality of the air we breathe in each of the rooms of our home, through the generation of oxygen along with ozone and a small proportion of anions.

The air we breathe can be our ally or our worst enemy. It is a proven fact that with the air we breathe most of the diseases, but in contact with the ozone, the microbes are burned, the toxins are destroyed, and the contagions are minimized.

The features of this device allow:

Install it in rooms, offices, waiting rooms, etc.

Purify the interior air in depth.

Eliminate bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores, etc.

Eliminate odors, indoor pollution, tobacco smoke …

Act in the prevention of infectious foci.

Produce an increase of oxygen present in the room to be treated.

It does not need any type of maintenance, like filters or other disposable elements.

Just connect it to the power socket, the device will operate the Ozone Generation (O³), being able to eliminate all kinds of bacteria, parasites, prions, fungi, molds, spores and many other contaminants by oxidation in the environment. just a few seconds

The Ozone generation function will remain active for a period of 10 minutes after which, the indicative pilot will change from green to yellow and the device will remain in standby for 10 minutes (inactive), starting again another operating period of 10 minutes. repeating said operation / inactivity process in 10 minute intervals until we decide to press the button that stops its operation or disconnect it from the electrical network.


– Purifies the air in your home and minimizes infections

– Destroys bacteria, viruses, microbes and fungi

– Eliminates odors naturally

– No maintenance, no installation or filters

– Totally portable and easy to use

– Ozone 200 mg / h

You can find it at Amaco Regalos

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