X Racer spinning bike


New product

Amazing black and white design
Regulation of braking intensity, its 18 kg triathlon handlebar, adjustable horizontal and vertical seat that will maintain the position of your body.
Easy access from the ground.
Perfect for a domestic workout.

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The ECO-DE® spinning bike offers a complete workout that improves the cardiovascular and respiratory system, burns calories, eliminates fats, increases muscle tone and tone, helps keep the heart beating at a constant pace. In addition to an emotional benefit (helps fight stress), improves metabolism and strengthens the muscles of the hips, buttocks, legs and calves.

All spinning bikes have some type of braking in order to increase the resistance offered to the movement of the inertia wheel. These resistances are usually by shoe and pressure.

In this model the resistance control is done by means of a thread that regulates the strength of the resistance that is made on the steel flywheel of 18 Kg and chrome termination chain transmission and fixed gear

Panel with LCD screen, chain transmission and fixed pinion, competitive braking system, triathlon handlebar, seat adjustable in length and height for user comfort.

It incorporates stabilizers and wheels for easy movement.

-Easy assembly: you will only have to fit the legs of the base, fit the saddle and handlebar and screw the pedals.

The rest will arrive perfectly assembled to your house with just one click!