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Training Mask Elevation Training Mask 2.0 Original has been a work in progress for over 2 years. They have asked their customers of Training Mask 1.0 to give them feedback and what they would want to see in 2.0. With great feedback from test marketing and direct responses they have made Training Mask 2.0 smaller, lighter and more comfortable. Age requirement 16+.

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The lifting training mask is a lifting simulation device that simulates the attitude by restricting oxygen.

We go to the gym to work on a specific part of the body, however nobody says "Today I want to work on my lungs".

The lifting training mask works by creating cardio pulmonary resistance.

The same type of training that some of the best athletes in the world use to increase mental and physical resistance while increasing their lung capacity.

Like the weights in the gym where you can increase or decrease resistance levels, the same is for the lifting training mask.

You can increase the resistance levels from 900 meters to 5,000 meters approx. of altitude (3,000 to 18,000 feet).

That's like training in the base camp of Mount Everest.

The lungs are the basis of physical conditioning and the lifting training mask ensures that they are strong; Now while doing your normal work and wearing the lifting training mask you can train at a higher intensity level than ever ... this means greater benefits in less time!

The training mask is being used by professional athletes from around the world.

Increase lung capacity.

Increase anaerobic thresholds.

Increase oxygen efficiency.

Increase energy production.

Increase physical resistance

Increase mental attention

It includes:

1 Neoprene facial contour strap.

1 Silicone breathing resistance mask.

1 Manual of the training mask.

1 Strap for the head.

1 resistance caps.