Mattress vacuum cleaner, mites with ultraviolet light and ions

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The Future Cleaner vacuum cleaner is an innovative mite suction device designed for use on soft surfaces such as mattresses, chairs, pillows, upholstery, clothing, sheets or stuffed animals
And an extraordinary power of 400 W

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Future Cleaner vacuum cleaner has been designed to clean your mattress easily.

It uses a double ultraviolet light system, in addition to vibration, which efficiently eliminates mites, bacteria and viruses that cannot be removed with just the vacuum cleaner’s suction power.

It incorporates a high efficient filtering device to capture the largest particles.

In addition, its multilayer HEPA filter catches even the smallest particles

Its small size and power makes it one of the best options against its competitors.

It can also be used to clean sofas, duvets, cushions, pillows and other textile products.