Treadmill with massage and mp3


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With this folding treadmill with massage (yes, massage!) you will go crazy about fitness; it’s so complete that you won’t ever get off! It includes a latest generation programmable control panel; handrails with sensors; a massage belt of lipo-reducing; offers the possibility of connecting an Mp3; and last but not least, it is equipped with abs supports. Do not let it escape!

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The professional treadmill with ECO-DE ® massage will allow you to exercise without having to leave your home, in a comfortable way and when you want. She is prepared to perform various types of exercises and has a massage system.

On the LCD screen you can check, modify or display the information pertaining to the state of the exercise and your body as well as choosing manual or automatic mode or the calculation of calories consumed.

Using sensors in the handrails the tape will control your heart rate and the time it takes exercise.

The speed can be adjusted to a more agile walking pace: up to 12km / h using your speedometer. Flat surface or slope to increase muscle work.

It also has 2 baffles with high definition sound so you can connect your music from a mobile device or Mp3.

Contains tape stop safety system in case of accident or fall while performing the exercise.

The benefits of the ECO-DE ® tape:

strengthen quadriceps muscles, twins, buttocks, abdomen ..., lose weight and calories and above all gain a good physical shape in the most comfortable and easy way possible.

To finish with a good exercise the tape has an anti-cellulite massager system for the exercised areas that will produce relaxation through circular movements and activators of the circulation.

Its structure is foldable to occupy the least space possible, it has wheels to move it with minimum effort.

- Reinforced steel structure

- Non-slip surface

- Support arms

- Peak power 2CV

- 12 Automatic Programs + Manual

- Maximum authorized weight 120 KG

- Surface Tape: 125 x 40cm

Measures of the product:

. 170 x 70 x 165 cm / 65 kgrs

Box measures:

. 167 x 76 x 31 cm / 78 kgrs